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" is great! Before I discovered it, I struggled to find effective quantum data for my personal injury law practice. Traditional methods were too slow and limited. Now I can quickly locate detailed analysis of damage awards from Louisiana trial and appellate courts. I recommend CompQuantum to attorneys who are serious about winning personal injury cases."

Parker Layrisson ~ Ponchatoula

"I was a skeptic who has been converted and find your service to be very worthwhile."

Blake David ~ Lafayette

“CompQuantum is the most reliable source I’ve found to see the outcomes in both bench and jury trials in particular parishes and jurisdictions. It makes searching enjoyable and extremely informative.”

Lottie Bash ~ Alexandria

“CompQuantum has drastically improved my efficiency in preparing settlement demands for cases of many different sizes and injuries. I highly recommend CompQuantum to both plaintiff and defense litigators who are seeking to improve the efficiency and quality of their practice.”

Taylor Basset ~ Opelousas

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What is CompQuantum?

Online Research

Online tools for trial and appellate court case law research provide the most up to date and comprehensive personal injury options available to Louisiana lawyers. Our tools are designed by and for practicing lawyers
  • Quantum searches by specific injury, combination of injuries, body part and treatment.
  • Locate final and interlocutory trial court judgments by parish, judge and attorney.
  • Demographic data for all 64 Louisiana parishes.
  • Expert and physician databases.

Contract Research and Production Services

CompQuantum subscribers can contract for supplemental trial court research services. Need to file or oppose a motion? Find out if the trial court has ruled on your issue before. Don't limit your understanding to published appellate opinions. Know what's really happening in the trenches. If it's in a suit record, CompQuantum will connect you with information that powers your arguments. Seize the advantage!

CompQuantum Newsflash

CompQuantum's weekly email "Newsflash" service delivers the latest critical cases to your inbox with concise summaries and commentary.

The LAw Blog

The CompQuantum LAw Blog is where lawyers keep up and catch up with Louisiana personal injury litigation. Whether it is the latest groundbreaking reversal from Louisiana's Supreme Court, a U.S. Fifth Circuit opinion or a surprise jury verdict in Rapides, we've got you covered for courthouse news and current events.

Continuing Legal Education

InCode Research, L.L.C., the developer of CompQuantum, is a Louisiana Supreme Court MCLE approved sponsor of seminars for continuing education credit. CompQuantum CLE seminars deliver exceptional content on Louisiana personal injury practice. Attendees agree:
  • "The most helpful and real world CLE I’ve attended in a long time."  Craig Davidson
  • "CLE was great. I really enjoyed it. Can’t often say that about a CLE."  Erik Tadda
  • "Informative regarding big picture. Items that are generally not covered. Greatly enjoyed!!"  Luke Williamson
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Updated Regularly

CompQuantum's appellate database is updated every week. Trial court updates present unique difficulties that we embrace as intellectual challenges. Finding the latest from the trial courts is one of our passions. CompQuantum subscribers get more information, more often and in more depth. CompQuantum is the only full service Louisiana personal injury research and media service.

Check out the latest quantum cases below. Recent cases can be viewed without a subscription!

Recent Trials

Brown v. United Specialty Ins. Co., 19th JDC
MVA - bicycle, Expert witness, Evidence
Jury Trial Sept. 10, 2020
White v. Flores, 24th JDC
MVA, Quantum
Bench Trial Aug. 6, 2020

Recent Quantum Cases

Massey v. Liberty Mut. Ins. Co.
MVA, Quantum
  • $6,400 - Massey, Gaynell S.
    • Soft-tissue injuries treated approximately 3 months

Fourth Circuit Sept. 23, 2020
White v. Flores
MVA, Quantum
  • $9,000 - White, Gina B.
    • SPine sprain/strain injuries treated conservatively3 3/4 months
    • Forearm bruising and hematoma
    • Bilateral shoulder sprain
    • Chest bruising

24th JDC Aug. 6, 2020
Baack v. McIntosh
UM, Insurance coverage, MVA, Quantum
  • $425,000 - Baack, Martin
    • Lumbar injury with radicular complaints into left hip and lower extremity - two level 360 degree fusion at L4-5 and L5-S1 - laminectomy at L4 and L5 - left posterolateral fusion with bone graft from L4 to the sacrum

Third Circuit July 29, 2020
Kshirsagar v. State Farm Ins. Co.
Dog/cat or other domestic pet bite/attack, Quantum
  • $45,000 - Kshirsagar, Sushma : Jury general damages included $10,000 pain and suffering; $5,000 mental anguish and $1,000 loss of enjoyment of life
    • Dog bites to leg with penetrating wounds to calf and partial Achilles tendon tear causing chronic permanent pain - scar tissue impinging on a nerve in her lower right extremity
    • Anxiety and worry - counselor testified that plaintiff suffered from PTSD

Second Circuit July 22, 2020
Jeanmard v. Arnaud
MVA, Quantum
  • $20,000 - Jeanmard, Nancy
    • Neck and low-back soft-tissue injury - according to petition, complaints persisted 8 months after injury - conservative care

15th JDC July 6, 2020