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Recent quantum cases
(any judgment/opinion in CompQuantum dated within the last 60 days is viewable without a subscription)

Gurdian v. Allstate Ins. Co.
MVA, UM, Bad faith, Quantum
  • $0 - Gurdian, Silvio : Judge Rowan found that plaintiff failed to prove damages payable under UM coverage. Underlying liability limits of $15,000. Injuries to left knee, neck and low back. Conservative care included injection in knee.

    24th JDC Aug. 8, 2017
    Curole v. Delcambre
    Assault, Intentional tort, Conspiracy, Home invasion, Quantum
    • $150,000 - Curole, Everett, Jr.
      • Lacerated kidney and bladder - urine in blood (hematuria) with blood clot located in penis requiring cytoscopy procedure
      • Ruptured sternum and several cracked ribs
      • Broken nose and multiple lacerations to face and head
      • Neck and back injuries - chiropractic treatment until 3 1/2 years post-injury

    • $50,000 - Curole, Charlene : Opinion does not provide any details regarding basis for general damage award

      Third Circuit Aug. 2, 2017
      Williams v. Placid Oil Co.
      Asbestos, Quantum
      • $3,000,000 - Williams, Myra
        • Mesothelioma contracted from exposure to asbestos on husband's work clothing - "several months" between diagnosis and death

      • $1,000,000 - Williams, Jimmy, Sr.
        • Wrongful death of wife from asbestos exposure related mesothelioma

      • $750,000 - Williams, Jimmy, Jr.
        • Wrongful death of mother from asbestos exposure related mesothelioma

      • $750,000 - Williams, Dalton
        • Wrongful death of mother from asbestos exposure related mesothelioma

      • $750,000 - Hernandez, Gwendolyn
        • Wrongful death of mother from asbestos exposure related mesothelioma

      • $750,000 - Shows, Jeannette
        • Wrongful death of mother from asbestos exposure related mesothelioma

      Third Circuit Aug. 2, 2017
      Antippas v. NOLA Hotel Group, LLC
      MVA - bicycle, Commercial Liability, Daubert, Quantum
      • $35,000 - Antippas, Athena
        • Cervical herniations at C5-6 and C6-7
        • L5-S1 bulge, facet and coccyx injuries - treatment with facet injections
        • Hand injury requiring surgery - alleged permanent damage to hand
        • Sacroiliac joint injury - diagnosis of sacroilitis

      Civil District Court Aug. 2, 2017
      Urquhart v. Spencer
      MVA - 18 wheeler/tour bus, Commercial Liability, Quantum
      • $30,000 - Urquhart, Joseph : Plaintiff was disabled prior to accident
        • Aggravation of pre-existing and disabling spine injuries treated for about 18 months
        • Knee complaints
        • Left elbow pain
        • Hip pain with evidence of pre-existing chronic hip complaints

      • $60,000 - Nye, James H. : Court found that only 50% of plaintiff's post-accident non-RSD complaints were attributable to the subject accident
        • Cervical disc bulging without definitive surgical recommendation
        • Aggravation of previously injured and surgically repaired lumbar spine - post-accident "multi-level back surgery"

      • $40,000 - Nye, James H.
        • RSD related to back injury causing pain in multiple parts of body

      Fourth Circuit July 27, 2017