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What is CompQuantum?

Online Research

Online tools for trial and appellate court case law research provide the most up to date and comprehensive personal injury options available to Louisiana lawyers. Our tools are designed by and for practicing lawyers
  • Quantum searches by specific injury, combination of injuries, body part and treatment.
  • Locate final and interlocutory trial court judgments by parish, judge and attorney.
  • Demographic data for all 64 Louisiana parishes.
  • Expert and physician databases.

Contract Research and Production Services

CompQuantum subscribers can contract for supplemental trial court research services. Need to file or oppose a motion? Find out if the trial court has ruled on your issue before. Don't limit your understanding to published appellate opinions. Know what's really happening in the trenches. If it's in a suit record, CompQuantum will connect you with information that powers your arguments. Seize the advantage!

CompQuantum Newsflash and Newsletter

CompQuantum's email news service delivers the latest critical cases to your inbox with concise summaries and commentary. Send registration request to

Begining January 2018, CompQuantum's Newsletter summarizes hearings, trials and appellate opinions of the preceding month.

The LAw Blog

The CompQuantum LAw Blog is where lawyers keep up and catch up with Louisiana personal injury litigation. Whether it is the latest groundbreaking reversal from Louisiana's Supreme Court, a U.S. Fifth Circuit opinion or a surprise jury verdict in Rapides, we've got you covered for courthouse news and current events.

Continuing Legal Education

InCode Research, L.L.C., the developer of CompQuantum, is a Louisiana Supreme Court MCLE approved sponsor of seminars for continuing education credit. CompQuantum CLE seminars deliver exceptional content on Louisiana personal injury practice. Attendees agree:
  • "The most helpful and real world CLE I’ve attended in a long time."  Craig Davidson
  • "CLE was great. I really enjoyed it. Can’t often say that about a CLE."  Erik Tadda
  • "Informative regarding big picture. Items that are generally not covered. Greatly enjoyed!!"  Luke Williamson
25% tuition discount for subscribers at CompQuantum sponsored events!

Updated Regularly

CompQuantum's appellate database is updated every week. Trial court updates present unique difficulties that we embrace as intellectual challenges. Finding the latest from the trial courts is one of our passions. CompQuantum subscribers get more information, more often and in more depth. CompQuantum is the only full service Louisiana personal injury research and media service.

Check out the latest quantum cases below. Recent cases can be viewed without a subscription!

Recent Trials

Total trials this year in CompQuantum
Bench: 118
Jury: 52
Vallejos v. USAA General Indemnity Co., Civil District Court
MVA, Defense verdict/judgment on fault
Bench Trial Aug. 3, 2018
McClosky v. Higman Barge Line, Inc., 34th JDC
MVA, Commercial Liability, Quantum
Bench Trial Aug. 2, 2018
Sciortino v. LeBlanc, 24th JDC
MVA, Quantum
Bench Trial July 24, 2018
Sims v. Vides, 24th JDC
MVA, Defense verdict/judgment on fault
Jury Trial July 23, 2018
Walton v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co., 19th JDC
MVA, Defense verdict/judgment on fault
Bench Trial July 20, 2018
Huval v. The Louisiana State University Police Dept., U.S. District Court - Middle District of LA
Civil rights (42 U.S.C. § 1983), False arrest/detention, Excessive use of force, Battery, Quantum
Jury Trial July 20, 2018

Recent Quantum Cases

Latulippe v. Braun
MVA, Police/First Responder Liability, Quantum
  • $150,000 - Latulippe, Gerard "Daniel"
    • C3-4 bulge described as "minor" and "without stenosis, foraminal restriction, or impingement," but identified as a significant pain generator - not a surgical condition - extensive physical therapy failed to eliminate pain
    • L4-5 protrusion contacting the L5 nerve root and minor bulge at L5-S1 - physical therapy and ESIs failed to relieve pain - not a surgical condition - residual pain

  • $200,000 - Latulippe, Casey
    • T4-5 midline central disc herniation - difficult condition to treat with no good surgical option - likely pre-existing with accident causing significant aggravation - facet injections at T4-5 and T5-6 and ESIs failed to relieve pain
    • Cervical herniations at C4-5 and C5-6 - no surgical recommendation - "if" surgery needed in future, it would be a two-level arthroplasty - likely pre-existing degenerative changes significantly aggravated by the accident
    • Low-back pain

Fifth Circuit Aug. 10, 2018
McClosky v. Higman Barge Line, Inc.
MVA, Commercial Liability, Quantum
  • $1,900,000 - Squyres, Donovan
    • Cervical injury treated with discectomy and three level fusion
    • Lumbar injury treated with L5-S1 fusion and future hardware removal surgery
    • Left shoulder rotator cuff tear and right shoulder labrum tear - left shoulder surgery prior to trial and recommended right shoulder surgery
    • "Teeth" injury

  • $1,600,000 - McClosky, Joseph, Jr.
    • Lumbar injury with worsening of pre-existing herniations at L3-4 and L4-5 and new herniation at L2-3 - three level lumbar fusion
    • Cervical injury treated with two level ACDF at C5-6 and C6-7

  • $350,000 - Squyres, Matthew R.
    • Knee injury requiring ACL and MCL reconstruction and repair of meniscus tear - prior surgery for earlier injury
    • Shoulder injury with labrum tear and tear of the "glenohumeral ligament" - "right shoulder surgery involing re-constructing his labrum, removing loose bone fragments, and repairing the slap-lesion, and the repair of the biceps tendon" - prior shoulder surgery for earlier accident

  • $500,000 - Roberts, Allen J.
    • Lumbar disc in jury requring L5-S1 injections, discogram and fusion - emergency revision surgery to address complications - positive result for pain reduction after second surgery, but permanent restrictions placed on activities - "no repetitive bending or lifting over 15 pounds"
    • Scalp and ear lacerations caused by broken glass from head hitting window

34th JDC Aug. 2, 2018
Sciortino v. LeBlanc
MVA, Quantum
  • $18,268 - Sciortino, Philip
    • Aggravation of pre-existing cervical and lumbar degenerative disc disease and lumbar disc lesion - MRI showed cervical bulging and herniations at every level from C2-3 through C7-T1 and "multi-level" lumbar herniations - conservative care
    • Myofascial pain in the right trapezius and levator scapular musculature - trigger point injection

24th JDC July 24, 2018
Huval v. The Louisiana State University Police Dept.
Civil rights (42 U.S.C. § 1983), False arrest/detention, Excessive use of force, Battery, Quantum
  • $25,000 - Huval, Blake : Approximate general damages after accounting for evidence of monetary damages
    • TMJ injury
    • Cervical strain
    • Severe emotional distress - "shaking, crying, insomnia, lack of focus, anxiety, depression, and an inability to feel pleasure"
    • Electrical shock from Taser and other soft-tissue injuries to various parts of the body, including back, knee ribs and elbow

USDC-MDLA July 20, 2018
Mouton v. AAA Cooper Transportation
MVA - 18 wheeler/tour bus, Commercial Liability, Quantum
  • $150,000 - Mouton, Curley : General damages increased on JNOV from jury award of $50,000.
    • Survival action damages awarded for death caused by "positional asphyxiation" and "multiple traumatic injuries" following motor vehicle accident - evidence that decedent survived approximately 30 minutes from time of crash

  • $300,000 - Mouton, Linda
    • Wrongful death of husband

  • $150,000 - Mouton, Corey
    • Wrongful death of father

Third Circuit July 18, 2018