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Online court records - a brief survey

Can we please see a little online access consistency between the parish clerks of court?

Many less populated parishes use a common system, but with varying rates charged for access. They're generally pretty good and most include the very helpful option of single day access.

Larger parishes use their own systems that vary considerably in search features and fees. For some reason, the Orleans Parish Clerk of Court has not included document imaging as a remote access service. Presumably they like visitors on Poydras Street.

Jefferson Parish's JeffNet system is the best I've seen. Someone deserves high praise in Jon Gegenheimer's office. Not only does the JeffNet system allow access to users of all major browsers, but their search features are the best. Not perfect, but better than what everyone else has implemented. You don't get the sense that Jefferson Parish would prefer users never find anything they didn't already know was there.

The system most deserving of specific opprobrium is St. Landry Parish's DocuNet. The terms of service are vastly out of line with any other parish that I am aware of. Not only is the system discriminatory based on distance from the courthouse, but anyone with a billing address more than 50 miles away will pay the highest fee in the state for online access - an incredible $300 per month. And no, that does not cover the cost of downloading/printing document images. How're their search features? I don't know. I don't live in Opelousas. I can't afford to find out.

Posted: Feb. 17, 2016