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Expert Witness Reference

Charles E. "Ted" Bain, BEng, MD, CCFP (EM) - San Antonio, TX
Biomedical Engineering/Biomechanics

Entries in red indicate witness testimony limited on MIL
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CV - downloaded 09/26/2018
Case List - November 2017
Bain - CV biographical enclosures (C&D)
Bain - Report 19th JDC 651,337
MDLA # 2003-860 Plaintiff MIL granted - Judge Brady
Written Reasons - Excluding biomechanics testimony - CDC # 2015-11478 (Julien)
Blair v. Coney - (April 3, 2020) Supreme Court (defense expert) limited/excluded
Pollard v. 21st Century Centennial ins. Co. - (March 13, 2020) 24th JDC (defense expert)
Joiner v. Progressive Security Ins. Co. - (July 16, 2018) 21st JDC (defense expert)
Burgo v. Davis - (July 26, 2016) U.S. District Court - Eastern District of LA
Levy v. Lewis - (Feb. 4, 2016) Civil District Court (defense expert)
Godchaux v. Peerless Ins. Co. - (June 4, 2014) Third Circuit (defense expert) limited/excluded