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Welch v. London, 641,495 (19th JDC 11/04/19),

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Trial Court:  19th JDC      Local Rules

Jury Trial

Parish: East Baton Rouge
Judge: Kelley, Timothy E. trial court judge
John Chandler Loupe Plaintiff Counsel
Stacey A. Moak Defense Counsel
Breann Crane Defense Counsel

Expert Witnesses
Kevin P. McCarthy, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon Plaintiff Expert
Joseph W. Turnipseed, M.D. Pain Management Physician Plaintiff Expert
G. Randolph Rice, Ph.D Forensic accountant Plaintiff Expert
Thad Stephens Broussard, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon Defense Expert
Barney Hegwood Vocational rehabilitation Defense Expert
Curtis R. Partington, MD Diagnostic Neuroradiologist
Frederick Allen Bowers, MD Anesthesiology and Pain Management Physician
Erik Strahan Physical Therapist

Case Tags: MVA, Quantum,

Damages Summary

Case Notes

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Welch v. London