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Tezeno v. Young, 76,318 (13th JDC 10/11/18),

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Trial Court:  13th JDC      Local Rules

Bench Trial

Parish: Evangeline
Judge: West, Chuck R. trial court judge
Marcus Lee Fontenot Plaintiff Counsel
Jerry Joseph Falgoust Defense Counsel

Expert Witnesses
Louis C. Blanda, Jr., M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon Plaintiff Expert
Shelly Nicole Savant, MD Neurologist, psychiatrist and life care expert Plaintiff Expert
Joan C. Wojak, M.D. Diagnostic radiology Defense Expert
Neil Cameron Romero, MD Orthopedic surgeon Defense Expert

Case Tags: MVA, Municipal/State/Public Liability, Quantum,

Damages Summary

Case Notes

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Tezeno v. Young


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