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Huval v. The Louisiana State University Police Dept., 2016-00553 (USDC-MDLA 07/20/18),

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Damages Summary
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Trial Court:  U.S. District Court - Middle District of LA

Jury Trial

Judge: Jackson, Brian A. trial court judge
Justin E Alsterberg Plaintiff Counsel
Emily Stevens Hardin Plaintiff Counsel
Deelee S Morris Defense Counsel
Tedrick K. Knightshead Defense Counsel
Alan Gregory Rome Defense Counsel

Case Tags: Civil rights (42 U.S.C. ยง 1983), False arrest/detention, Excessive use of force, Battery, Quantum,

Damages Summary

Huval, Blake

Comment: Award on jury verdict form described as "Compensatory Damages" per federal rules

General Damages: $25,000    (CPI inflation adjusted: $25,042)
CPI adjustments calculated using U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index values for case/judgment date and the most recent update.

Approximate general damages after accounting for evidence of monetary damages

Primary Injuries:
  • TMJ injury
    Part tags:
    Description tags: Jaw (TMJ disorder)
  • Cervical strain
    Part tags: Cervical
    Description tags: Sprain/strain/soft-tissue
  • Severe emotional distress - "shaking, crying, insomnia, lack of focus, anxiety, depression, and an inability to feel pleasure"
    Part tags: Mental/psychological
    Description tags: anxiety/nervousness/fear, Emotional problems, Insomnia/nightmares/sleeping problems

Secondary Injury:
  • Electrical shock from Taser and other soft-tissue injuries to various parts of the body, including back, knee ribs and elbow
    Part tags: Back (generally), Knee, Rib(s), Elbow
    Description tags: Electrocution, Contusion/bruise, Abrasion

Itemized general damages
General damages - generic $25,000.00
Special Damages
Total lump sum special damages $15,000.00 Approximate amount of incurred treatment and counseling expenses

Case Notes

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Huval v. The Louisiana State University Police Dept.


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