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Taylor v. City of Alexandria, 19-25 (La.App. 3 Cir. 06/05/19), West reporter citation not yet available

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Damages Summary
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Trial Court:  9th JDC      Local Rules

Bench Trial

Parish: Rapides
Judge: Metoyer, George C. Jr. trial court judge
Judge: Gremillion, Shannon J.
Judge: Perret, Candyce G. appellate opinion author
Judge: Perry, John W. Jr.
Michael Kevin Cox Plaintiff Counsel
Jerry Lytel Lavespere , Jr. Plaintiff Counsel
Ross A Dooley Defense Counsel (Appellant)
Ryan R. Brown Defense Counsel (Appellant)

Expert Witnesses
Gerald J. Leglue, Jr., M.D. Physiatrist Plaintiff Expert
Lloyd "Chip" Wade, Ph.D Biomechanics expert Plaintiff Expert
Torrance D. J. Welch, Ph.D Biomedical Engineer Defense Expert
William A. Brennan, M.D. Neurosurgeon Plaintiff Expert

Case Tags: MVA, Police/First Responder Liability, Municipal/State/Public Liability, Quantum,

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Prior Opinions/Judgments:
Taylor v. The City of Alexandria, 9th JDC (Sept. 25, 2018) , 257,983

Damages Summary

General Damages: $285,000    (CPI inflation adjusted: $285,000)
CPI adjustments calculated using U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index values for case/judgment date and the most recent update.

Primary Injury:

Itemized general damages
General damages - generic $285,000.00
Special Damages
Past medical expenses $74,963.63
Expert witness fee $1,500.00 Dr. Leglue
Expert witness fee $1,000.00 Dr. Brennan
Expert witness fee $1,500.00 Lloyd "Chip" Wade, Ph.D
Trial court costs $207.25 Deposition transcript - Dr. Melanie Firmin
Trial court costs $572.41 Deposition transcript and videographer - Dr. Brennan
Trial court costs $562.18 Deposition transcript - Dr. Lloyd Wade
Trial court costs $2,964.33 Clerk of Court costs

Case Notes

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Taylor v. City of Alexandria


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