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Lantier v. Caskey, 19-687 c/w 19-688 (La.App. 3 Cir. 11/12/20), West reporter citation not yet available

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Trial Court:  16th JDC      Local Rules

Jury Trial

Parish: Iberia
Judge: Sigur, Curtis trial court judge
Judge: Ezell, Billy Howard
Judge: Gremillion, Shannon J.
Judge: Savoie, D. Kent appellate opinion author
H. Alston Johnson , III Defense Counsel (Appellant)
Kevin W Welsh Defense Counsel (Appellant)
Kevin Michael Dills Defense Counsel (Appellant)
Morris Michael Haik , III Defense Counsel (Appellant)
Katherine Paine Martin Defense Counsel
Sera H. Russell , III Plaintiff Counsel (Appellant)
M. Charles Brandt Plaintiff Counsel (Appellant)

Expert Witness
John Sledge, MD Orthopedic Surgeon Plaintiff Expert

Case Tags: MVA, Quantum,

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Prior Opinions/Judgments:
Walsh v. Caskey, 16th JDC (May 21, 2018) , 126,453 c/w 126,518

Damages Summary

Walsh, Marianne

Age: 21

General Damages: $675,000    (CPI inflation adjusted: $675,000)
CPI adjustments calculated using U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index values for case/judgment date and the most recent update.

Primary Injuries:

Other Injury:
Itemized general damages
Past pain and suffering $85,000.00
Future pain and suffering $340,000.00
Past mental anguish $25,000.00
Future mental anguish $25,000.00
Disability $50,000.00
Loss of enjoyment of life $150,000.00
Special Damages
Past medical expenses $74,000.00
Future medical expenses $476,713.00
Future loss of earnings/earning capacity $0.00

Case Notes

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Lantier v. Caskey