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Adger v. Moneke, 2019 CA 1384 (La.App. 1 Cir. 03/03/21), Unpublished

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Trial Court:  18th JDC      Local Rules

Bench Trial

Parish: Iberville
Judge: Lurry, Tonya S. trial court judge
Judge: McClendon, Page dissent
Judge: Welch, Jewel E. 'Duke' appellate opinion author
Judge: Holdridge, Guy
Judge: Chutz, Wayne Ray
Judge: Penzato, Allison H.
Donna Unkel Grodner Plaintiff Counsel (Appellant)
James L. Hilburn Defense Counsel
Jeannie Cheng Prudhomme Defense Counsel

Case Tags: Premises Liability, Prisoner Suit, Slip and fall, Defense judgment/verdict reversed, Quantum,

Case Notes

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Adger v. Moneke