Dennis Phayer:   

   Other CompQuantum cases:
  Henry v. Reeves, 751-258 (24th JDC 11/19/2020) None
  Daniels v. State of Louisiana Board of Elem. and Secondary Educ., 2020-CA-0175 (La.App. 4th Cir. 10/21/2020) Pending
  Mautner v. Ware, 19-CA-611 (La.App. 5th Cir. 5/27/2020) Pending
  Keys v. The State of Louisiana, 635,511 (19th JDC 2/5/2019) None
  Johnson v. State of Louisiana, 2014-5036 (15th JDC 2/5/2019) None
  Miraglia v. Bd. of Supervisors of La. State Museum, 2015-4947 (U.S. District Court - Eastern District of LA 9/14/2017) None
  Farmer v. Mouton, 16-16459 (U.S. District Court - Eastern District of LA 5/8/2017) None
  Snider v. New Hampshire Ins. Co., 2014-2132 (U.S. District Court - Eastern District of LA 2/23/2017) None
  Alexander v. La. State Bd. of Private Investigator Examiners, 2015-0537 c/w 2015-0708 (La.App. 4th Cir. 2/17/2017) 211 So.3d 544
  Caruso v. Canal Indem. Co., 2003-423 (La.App. 5th Cir. 9/16/2003) 858 So.2d 31
  Dupre v. Maynard, 96-1183 (La.App. 1st Cir. 3/27/1997) 692 So.2d 36
  Sutter v. Audubon Park Com., 533 So.2d 1226 (La.App. 4th Cir. 1988)