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Adventures in Pro Se Pleadings # 5 - Federal Fraud and Terrorism Edition

Billions of dollars in claims were dismissed in one fell swoop by Judges Juneau and Summerhays in the Western District - Lafayette Division this week. Following his September 7, 2015 motor vehicle accident, Beau Derise alleges, Allstate conspired with Acadian Ambulance Service, Shell Oil Station, the World Bank of Hong Kong, New Iberia District Court, Lafayette Parish Sheriff Office, Seaside Hospital, Lafayette Public Library, Waste Management and Fed Ex Ship Center in acts of terrorism against him.

Judges Juneau and Summerhays order:

Mr. Derises complaints fail to state any plausible, nonfrivolous claims on which relief can be granted, he is he reby WARNED that the filing of any additional frivolous lawsuits will result in his being ordered to show cause why he should not be placed on the list of sanctioned/barred litigants for this district, so that he is barred from filing any action in the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana without first obtaining the approval and authorization of the chief judge.

Had Mr. Derise learned anything from his experience, he would have known the fix was in.

Posted: May 6, 2021