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Adventures in Pro Se Pleadings # 4 - Doomes Day Edition

Persistence pays off, unless you've been ordered to desist by a federal magistrate. But, even then it can earn an Adventures in Pro Se Pleadings post.

Following the court's March 9, 2021 ruling, we passed on the opportunity to feature Stacey Williams' filings ruminating on the mysteries of federal docket numbering, notarial practice, discovery procedure, demand for "Magistrate Erin J. Wilder Doomes to step down from presiding," and request "for Legal Protection from the most High and Lord Jesus Christ." When "the Lessor Magistrate Erin Wilder Doomes" beseeched her to stop doing whatever it is she's trying to do with a "final warning to Plaintiff regarding these issues," we assumed her 15 minutes of fame were over.

But no, we'll be damned (hopefully not by "Christ/Yahshua"), she went and did it again. Unfortunately, per the March 9 order, the new filings are STRICKEN FROM THE RECORD. But we know from Magistrate Doomes March 18 Ruling and Order that they "violate each of [her] prior warnings." In spite of it all, Magistrate Doomes maintains her composure throughout. We see no ground for recusal.

Posted: March 18, 2021