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Site Upgrades

Site re-design efforts are the top priority this summer. A beta version is near completion and those who agreed to test the new site will soon have an opportunity.

With so many additional tasks, the LAw Blog has suffered. Rather than make apologies for that, I'll offer a vision for its future. The Newsflash email service has been very successful. It has somewhat taken the place of a traditional blog. So, going forward, the LAw Blog will be a place for presenting longer form analysis.

Analysis is tricky. Anything I say is subject to criticism or may cause offense. A few years ago, the offense part would have been less of a concern, but it seems the risks are not what they once were. Nevertheless, I will assume that readers are professionals who can weather a little disagreement. To mitigate any one-sidedness, I am encouraging readers to submit comments and even contributions for publication. More about that later.

Also, when the new site goes live, it will contain a page with links to on-demand live CLE and podcasts. Podcasts will be free and contain much of the same content as paid CLE webinars which will be reasonably priced - probably $45 per hour of CLE.

Posted: July 22, 2019