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Jefferson Judgments

Simpson v. UV Insurance Risk Retention Group, Inc.
628-15 (31st JDC 02/14/19)

On overcoming long odds


        Joshua Simpson testified that the second to last truck of an oversize load convoy veered to the left, striking his box truck. The driver of the trailing vehicle testified that Simpson caused the minor accident, then attempted to flee.

        The contrast prioritized credibility for jury deliberations. Simpson's claim hinged on gaining the jury's trust. Evidence of drug seeking behaviors, low impact accident and a relevant prior injury claim history made Blake David's task on Simpson's behalf more difficult. But not impossible.

        Defying conventional wisdom on serveral levels, a Jefferson Davis Parish jury's plaintiff verdict assessed general damages of $490,000 for a neck injury treated with two level fusion. Special damages totalled $809,433.


Vinet v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
763,474 (24th JDC 02/14/19)

A case of careless customer service


        On evidence that "service area" employees violated internal safety regulations, a Jefferson Parish jury assigned 75% fault to the defendants for backing a car into their customer. General damages for rotator cuff and knee meniscus tears and a lumbar injury treated with ablations totalled $360,000. The judgment also included special damages of $172,746.

Posted: Feb. 22, 2019